Tailored Marketing Solutions to Deliver Measurable Results Across a Variety of Disciplines

We've worked with both technology and non-technology companies, all sharing a single goal: to propel their businesses forward with qualified leads and promising opportunities. Our marketing solutions are the result of iterative refinements informed by the outcomes of hundreds of projects, tailored to accommodate various factors such as industry, geography, scale, target audience, and more.

From strategy and ideation to progressive optimization of marketing efforts, everything aimed at accelerating growth

What do we deliver?

Over the years, we've observed that organizations require comprehensive marketing solutions, blending multiple marketing approaches effectively, rather than relying on singular marketing efforts. As a result, we've designed marketing solutions that cater to end-to-end marketing needs, driving business growth.

Unlike most agencies, our marketing solutions are crafted to align marketing efforts with sales. And how do we achieve that? By bridging the gap between lead generation and deal closure.  

How do we deliver?

Our solution combines a sales-oriented strategy and a potent marketing mix that drives measurable business growth.

Our approach to marketing gives our clients access to our extensive capabilities, services, expertise, and qualified resources. Acting as an extension of your team, KTS delivers tangible value to your business.

We’re problem solvers by heart and marketers by design. See what we can do to accelerate your growth.

Inbound Marketing

Empowering Your Brand to Connect With Customers in a Meaningful
Way by Leveraging Inbound Strategies.

Outbound Marketing

Reach Your Target Audience With Proactive Outbound Strategies and
Personalised Value Proposition.

Media and Advertisement

Revolutionise Our Brand With Powerful Media and Advertising
Solutions for Maximum Impact.


Maximize Your Organization’s Growth Potential with a Tailored
Marketing Strategy for Sustainable Growth and Success.

Our time-tested strategic approach will help you unleash true growth potential of your organization

In-depth research to understand the pain points, value proposition, target audience, and everything else to make it a success.
Defining the target industries, budgets, deadlines, growth objectives, and best strategies to realize it.
Mapping the processes with stakeholder responsibilities, and executing the strategies using the best automation tools available.
Enabling you to leverage your strategy and stand out from the crowd
Evaluating the priorities of the growth plan, analyzing the performance, and course-correcting based on KPI’s of respective strategies.
Continuously optimizing the strategies to come as close as possible to the defined growth goals, and maintaining this process at regular intervals.

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